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Collaborative Research Opportunities

We are happy to discuss collaborative opportunities on the main LANP research thrusts, as well as new ideas. We welcome new colleagues from Rice and beyond! Contact: Naomi J. Halas.

Postdoctoral Research Opportunities
Postdoctral research positions are currently available in different research groups:

Graduate Research Opportunities
We can offer a variety of graduate student research opportunities across several fields: Physics, Applied Physics, Chemistry, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Science, Bioengineering. These positions are for both experimentalists and theorists. Students currently enrolled, or interested in enrolling in these graduate programs at Rice who are interested in working in LANP research areas for their graduate research should contact us. We also accept transfer students.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities
If you are interested in a semester-long or summer project in LANP, please contact the faculty member you are interested in working with.

Naomi J. Halas
Laboratory for Nanophotonics
ECE Department
Rice University
6100 Main Street, MS 378
Houston, TX 77005-1892

Applications will be screened immediately until positions are filled. Rice University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.